Committee of domestic affairs

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What is the Committee of domestic affairs? The committee of domestic affairs is a section through which the domestic activities are organized. The committee has working groups that are specified in certain areas of work.

What does the Committee do? The committee is responsible for the visibility of UN Youth by organizing events, school visits and representing UN Youth in relevant events. Committee also coordinates schools visits organised by the UN Youth of Finland and its local member organisations.

What is the mission? The goal is to maintain and achieve the visibility of UN Youth and our agenda among young people and students. We aim to get the youth involved in current processes that they deem important. We challenge the youth to ponder global issues and realize how connected they are to their everyday lives.

How to be part of all this? You can participate through your local body of UN Youth or by e-mailing the coordinator of the committee.

Domestic affairs coordinator: Vice chair Anna Hiltunen, anna.hiltunen[at]