UN Youth of Finland is a politically non-aligned national youth organization whose task is to inform about the UN's activities and goals and to involve young people in working to achieve the goals. In addition, UN Youth of Finland takes a stand, participates in the social debate and provides young people with a channel to make an impact in Finland and internationally.

No peace without peace work, no peace without youth


Notice: This statement has been translated with DeepL.   Statement by the Youth, Peace and Security Network and UN Youth Finland on the G...

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Statement by UNYF: Racism and Its Impact on Immigrant Youth Employment in Finland


  Racism is one of the most serious societal issues that significantly affects immigrant youth employment in Finland. It is important for...

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UN Youth of Finland demands the international community to recognize the harsh reality of war crimes being committed in Gaza


As UN Youth in Finland, we voice profound distress regarding the unprecedented human suffering in Gaza and condemn the shocking violations of ...

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Statement regarding the government’s communication on the promotion of equality, equity and non-discrimination in Finnish society


UN Youth of Finland were asked to give a statement in support of the working group preparing the government’s communication on the promotion o...

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Statement regarding Council of Europe’s Reykjavik Summit


UN Youth of Finland attended a Ministry for Foreign Affairs civil society hearing in preparation for the Council of Europe’s Reykjavik S...

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UNYF’s statement regarding Finland in the Human Rights Council


Finland has done an admirable job of focusing on the rights of women and girls in its human rights work. However, youth as a whole and youth r...

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UNYF stands against selective solidarity for victims of war


The Russian government’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine has permanently changed the security landscape in Europe, caused vast destruction, ...

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Joint Statement on Russian State’s Attack on Ukraine


We condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrifying attacks our world is witnessing. Our thoughts are with all those killed and injured,...

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Comment for Finland’s term on the UN Human Rights Council


Photo: UN Geneva, Human Rights Council – 35th Session (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)   The UN Youth of Finland thanks the Ministry for Foreign a...

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Finland to strive for the strongest and most ambitious climate change act


We demand that Finland’s Climate Change Act (609/2015) should be renewed to match Finland’s ambition to be a global leader in the fight agains...

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UN Youth: Strong WHO is in everyone’s interest


UN Youth of Finland condemns the decision of the US President Donald Trump to cut the US funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and re...

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