UN Youth of Finland demands the international community to recognize the harsh reality of war crimes being committed in Gaza


As UN Youth in Finland, we voice profound distress regarding the unprecedented human suffering in Gaza and condemn the shocking violations of international law. We urgently appeal for a ceasefire and an immediate halt to the ongoing violence.

As UN Youth of Finland, we express our deep concern for the unprecedented human suffering and the violations of international law in Gaza. There can be no justification for the appalling extent of violence that we are witnessing, and we condemn such acts in the strongest terms possible. While we welcome the humanitarian pause we demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. We call for cessation of violence, the respect of international law and previous Security Council Resolutions, and the protection of civilians who have borne the brunt of this long-standing conflict turned into war.

This war, with its historical roots and complex dynamics, has had a profound impact on the lives of the civilians, particularly the youth and children who yearn for a peaceful and secure future. It is crucial to acknowledge that the historical context, including the on-going unlawful Israeli occupation in the area, cannot be ignored, and the international community bears a responsibility to address these issues. We want to emphasize the importance of condemning the prolonged Israel military occupation in order to start the reconciliation process and establish peace: “Restoring international legality, accountability and respect for humanity and dignity of all must prevail, including an end to Israel’s 56 years of military occupation.” (UNHRC 12.10.2023)

We must express our condemnation regarding the inadequate response from the UN and the international community thus far. Despite the urgency of the situation, there has been a glaring lack of sufficient action and support for the people in the affected areas. It is imperative to recognize the harsh reality of war crimes being committed in these areas, where innocent children and civilians are suffering. Humanitarian aid, including medical professionals, food, and clean water, must be allowed to reach the affected areas without delay. Moreover, the free flow of journalists and information is vital to shedding light on the situation and holding those responsible for war crimes accountable. 

As UN Youth of Finland, we are also deeply concerned about the Finnish government’s decision to abstain from voting for humanitarian aid and to continue arms trade with a nation that commits war crimes. We demand that in the future Finland votes in favor of the realization of human rights and international law.

We call on the international community to urgently step up their efforts and provide support for humanitarian aid, reconstruction and peace in the affected areas. To a greater extent, we are particularly concerned for the children and youth in Gaza, who have endured an unlawful blockade, having their childhood, security, and education torn away – all of which are violations of human rights. Nearly half of the population of Gaza consists of children, many of whom have been killed or injured. This war poses a significant threat to the futures of these children and young people. “It’s time to end this vicious circle of bloodshed, hatred and polarization.” (António Guterres 9.10.2023)




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