No peace without peace work, no peace without youth


Notice: This statement has been translated with DeepL.


Statement by the Youth, Peace and Security Network and UN Youth Finland on the Government’s decision to end general grants to peace organisations.


The Government has decided to abolish the general grant for peace work from 2025 onwards. The decision was announced in an informal event for peace organisations and by e-mail on Friday 26.4.2024. The decision came as a surprise to the organisations. 


The Youth, Peace and Security Network and UN Youth Finland are very concerned about the termination of the peace support. We share the concerns expressed in a joint press release by the Finnish Peace Alliance, the Peace Education Institute, SaferGlobe, Peace Defenders and the Sadan Committee about the weakening of the peace movement’s operating conditions. 


Civil society peace work is indispensable for the promotion of sustainable and peaceful societies. Without peace work at different levels, sustainable peace cannot be achieved in a context where wars and increased militarism directly affect the living conditions of the most vulnerable. 


The Youth, Peace and Security Network and the UN Youth in Finland wish to express their concern for the position of young people. Youth peace organisations educate young peacebuilders. Without youth-led peace work, we face an unsustainable and increasingly unpredictable future. 


UN Security Council Resolution 2250: Youth, Peace and Security stresses the important role of youth in building and, above all, sustaining peace in our societies – sustainable peace cannot be achieved without young people.


We must work for peace. Without support, we will fail to promote peace and give way to developments that paralyse peace. 


Youth, Peace and Security Network

UN Youth Finland  

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