Joint Statement on Russian State’s Attack on Ukraine


We condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrifying attacks our world is witnessing. Our thoughts are with all those killed and injured, and with the people who are against war. This attack is a grave violation of international law, it constitutes an act of aggression against an independent peaceful country. 

It saddens us to see the reality we are in today and we are reminded of the importance of young people striving together for a better, harmonious world. We believe that youth can be part of the solution, and now leadership requires action. Now more than ever we need to raise our voices so people can be aware of the problem and understand how to take action as individuals. We understand how important it is to raise our voices and not stay silent on the issues which shake our faith in humanity, we have the responsibility to voice on issues that matter to young people. We must do everything in our hands to ensure that suffering is ended and peace is achieved.

We call on the Russian government to immediately cease its military action and withdraw all its forces from in and around Ukraine, to fully respect international humanitarian law, and to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access and assistance to all persons in need. We urge the Russian government in the strongest terms to turn back from the path of violence and aggression it has chosen. Peace doesn’t mean only to cease fire, but to act and solve this conflict that has been existing for more than 10 years, we request to the leaders of these nations that the work towards peace achievement continues regardless. By raising our voices we would like to remind the world and warring sides that voices can be heard in peace and demands should be sought peacefully. 

We stand for peace 



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