Domestic affairs

In the domestic activities of the UN Youth of Finland, the board members and volunteers participate in creating different projects, events, campaigns, statements, and organize trainings, workshops and school visits. We are the only national youth organization in Finland advancing the UN affairs and we can we booked for speakers and trainers by contacting us by email

We work for example with the following themes: UN and multilateral system, career opportunities in the UN, human rights, climate change, 2250: Youth, Peace and Security, Sustainable Development Goals Agenda2030, global development issues, and advocacy and NGO work in an international youth organization.

Our main annual events are the Youth Peace Week in September and the Youth and Students’ UN Weekend in November.

The goal of domestic affairs is to create and maintain the visibility of the UN Youth and our agenda among youth and students in Finland. Our target is to engage youth to participate in current and meaningful processes. We challenge youth to think about global issues and to see them linked to their own lives.

The UN Youth of Finland has local activities in six different locations in Finland. Everyone can join their activities by contacting the member associations.

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