Is Military Funding Only A Delusion in Winning War?


In a world of many nations, almost a quarter of the world’s population is currently living in a conflict affected zone, and many such countrie...

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Young person’s reflections from the past year on the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine


On this day one year ago, I woke up early. It was going to be just another typical day of schoolwork and meeting friends. Tired as I was, when...

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Ban Ki-moon’s keynote and interesting conversations about digital technologies, security and democracy in Tampere Conversations 2022


I was invited to Tampere Conversations on 11.-12.8.2022 to represent the UN Youth of Finland. The conference was organized by Tampere Universi...

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Present and with voice – focus on young peacebuilders in Doha’s virtual conference


High level conference on youth inclusive peace processes was organised virtually on 20.-21. January 2022. A group of young experts on peacebui...

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How gender bias holds us back?


As a part of the SDG5 social media campaign, this blog post calls attention to the prevailing inequality and obstacles that women entrepreneur...

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