Strategy 2022-2024

The strategy defines the direction of the organization for the next three years. The board evaluates the implementation of the strategy with the help of action plans and reports annually and always at the end of the strategy period. The strategy has been prepared by the Strategy Working Group together with the UNYF board, and the objectives of the strategy have been selected in an inclusive manner in cooperation with member organizations.

Values, mission and vision of the UN Youth of Finland

Values: equity, unity (Int + local aspect), courageous

Mission: The UN Youth of Finland promotes awareness about the UN among young people and provides them with tools and know-how for influencing society.

Vision: Young people in Finland know the UN and are active global citizens.

Strategic objectives for 2022-2024

Objective 1. In 2024, the UN Youth of Finland will be an educational youth organization

Objective 2. The UN Youth of Finland is an organization in which young people are well and whose activities are socially sustainable

Objective 3. In the UN Youth of Finland, young people in Finland grow into UN experts, internationalists and active citizens.

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