International affairs

The UN Youth of Finland is an active international actor, which creates search for new cooperative relations in the Nordic countries, Europe and global networks.

Bringing information about the UN to Finland is one of our main activities. Through Finland’s 2250 network we took part in drawing Finland’s national action plan on the UN resolution 2250 Youth, Peace and Security. The national action plan was published in August 2021 and after that we are also participating in its implementation and monitoring. We also give consultations on the theme of 2250 action plan. We can be contacted by email

The international affairs team executes and organizes the international work of the UN Youth of Finland. In addition, the team organizes different events, such as international excursions and seminars.

The international affairs teams also communicates with the international stakeholders Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association, where we also have a representative, United Nations Youth Association Network UNYANET and WFUNA Youth (World Federation of United Nations Associations).

If you are interested in the international affairs of the UN Youth of Finland, you are warmly welcome to join the Facebook group.

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