Member Associations

Information about local chapters of UN Youth.

UN association of Helsinki / HYKY: UN association of youth and students in Helsinki welcomes everybody interested in themes related to the UN to take part in their activities, regardless of their place of residence!

UN association of Turku: The purpose of UN association of Turku is to promote the goals and principles of the UN and to support the realization of goals set in the UN charter and other documents. The association reports on UN and other international matters. We also organize activities for immigrants and work together with other organizations in Turku to realize the UN values in Turku area.

UN association of Tampere / TaYK: TAYK is a politically non-aligned and nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote the UN values and principles in Tampere region. We organize discussion events related to topical societal issues, organize excursions in Finland and spend time together. Our events are open to all, you’re welcome to join us!

UN association of Jyväkylä / JyYK: is a politically non-aligned advocacy group whose goal is to promote the realization of the UN goals and principles in Jyväskylä region. In addition to informing, JyYK organizes events, excursion and school visits. The purpose of the activities is to strengthen the possibility of people of Jyväskylä to influence and take part in international and development matters. We’re happy to take new members – everybody can join! Learn more of JyYK from our website and social media.

UN association of Oulu / OSYKY:

Oulu: The records of OSYKY go all the way to 1970’s. During its history the association has been a very active forum for political discussion but there have also been more silent times. Last one ended in spring of 2015. Nowadays OSYKY is a member of the student union of the university which means that at least half of the members are students of the Oulu university. The purpose of the association is to promote the goals and actions of the UN and promote the international consensus and peaceful co-operation. We organize workshops, seminars, movie nights and take part in different kinds of events. You’re welcome to join us! You can reach us via Facebook, our website or via e-mail.