Get involved!

How to follow the activitives of the UN Youth of Finland?

You can join the e-mail list of the UN Youth by e-mailing Johan Wahlsten at johan.wahlsten[at] The e-mail list contains topical information of the activities of the UN youth, about the UN, about internships and work opportunities and other international matters but mostly in Finnish. Like us on Facebook and follow us in Twitter.

How to become a part of the UN Youth of Finland?

We encourage everyone to contact their nearest local chapter if they’re interested to take part in UN-related activities amongst youth and students. If your place of residence doesn’t have its own UN association yet and you’re interested in founding one, contact the board of the UN youth by e-mailing us at

You can also get involved in our activities through our committees and working groups which are open for everybody. More information on our activities can be found here. The contact person for the committee of domestic affairs is Matleena Moisio (matleena.moisio[at] for the committee of international affairs Sinituuli Suominen (sinituuli.suominen[at]

The board is elected annually in the autumn and the members don’t necessarily have to represent a local chapter or be nominated by them.