50th anniversary blog: Life on land

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50th anniversary blog: Life on land


The UN Youth of Finland was established fifty years ago in 1967. To celebrate this, we are publishing blog posts concerning each one of the Sustainable Development Goals. This blog post focuses on goal number 15, which emphasizes the importance of protecting terrestial ecosystems. Hasan Sohail discusses briefly how one can help to protect life on land via individual efforts. 

Have you ever thought about the place you are living in? How about the basic life necessities (water, oxygen)? Did you ever try to understand the origin and survival of life around you? Agenda 2030 (Sustainable development goals) are remarkable set of several essential goals agreed upon by global leaders in 2030 to make this planet safe and sustainable. Each of the goal is of paramount importance.

Among these goals, one of the key goal is “Life on Land” (Goal #15). As human being, we need oxygen to survive. Forests are like lungs of the earth. Goal 15 is “Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss”.

This goal is all about protecting our self for future generations. Not only to preserve the nature and biodiversity of earth but also because our life is dependent on protecting the life on land. Let’s look at some facts stating interdependency of human life with nature.

– Forests cover 30% of the earth surface.

– Deforestation (forest free land) means an open invitation to floods, worst climate changes and disruption of habitat for indigenous population.

– Agriculture is key source for economy globally. Approximately 1.6 billion people in world rely on forests for their livelihood (UN).

– People living in rural areas with little or no excess to proper health care services use herbal medicines for treatment of their pathological problems.

– Deforestation leads to flooding and land loss.

– Of the 8,300 animal breeds known, 8 per cent are extinct and 22 per cent are at risk of extinction (UN).

What can be your contribution to Goal #15?

You can do a lot at individual level. Look at your daily life decisions. Try to examine the companies you pay for buying your products. Are those companies involved in some eco-harmful processes? Are you buying the products that are harmful for your health? Do you ever think about how much recycling you are doing?

Well, the answers of these questions are not hard to find. A simple web research can help you to find out a lot of simple and useful information about recycling and using eco-friendly products. After getting yourself equipped with the basic knowledge, spread the words of information and help your social circle to become environmentally aware. Time is now, so take action and help to change the world.

To spread the awareness about agenda 2030, UN Youth of Finland provided us with the opportunity to visit the city of lights, Paris. You can read more about the trip from here.

Text: Hasan Sohail